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Margareth d’Avila Bendayan

Board Member

Margareth d’Avila Bendayan obtained her law degree from the University of Geneva in 1999.

She has worked as a legal officer in the Geneva police Headquarters and after obtaining a DEA (Postgraduate) in the field of criminal law, she created a procedure in the disciplinary field, which was approved by the Department of Justice and Police of Geneva.

She has experience as a legal advisor for a Swiss company in the contractual field, more particularly in labor and construction law. In 2010, she joined a well known Swiss law firm as an associate.

In 2013, having acquired a solid experience in several areas of law, she founded the international law firm DE JURE, in Bern, Switzerland.

She also developed different legal activities in Israel. Ms d’Avila Bendayan is an active member of the Swiss Chinese Law association (SCLA). In 2022, she joined the SCLA Global International Department Committee.

Her main areas of activity are international new technologies law, data protection law, international contract law, Swiss administrative law and international and Swiss criminal law.

For several years now, she has focused on the development of alternative dispute resolution.