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GIDI Membership, Training and Certification

GIDI Membership

Individual or corporate membership is provided. Members may use the GIDI Logo in their professional and personal communications.

There is complimentary access to attend monthly online seminars and receive the GIDI monthly newsletter looking at significant international developments in commercial disputes and alternative dispute resolution.

Participate in the members forum and discussion and comments page, develop your international contacts and attend online global networking events. Also included is complimentary access to the Swiss Chinese Law Association publications and events.

For individual or corporate membership please see the section on certification or corporate membership please see the section on certificating below.

GIDI Training

GIDI provides online training services in respect of

The online courses are intended for a wide range of attendees, including businesspeople interested in international commercial matters, those engaged in international trade, providers of financial services and individuals who wish to qualify to work in alternative dispute resolution, particularly mediation and arbitration.

GIDI training is also for individuals who want to gain a broader understanding of how alternative dispute resolution works in other legal and cultural systems. It is not necessary to have a legal background, although many lawyers will find the substance and philosophy of GIDI alternative dispute resolution a highly valuable enhancement of their practice and experience.

Interested parties are invited to read the services section of this website to appreciate the distinct style of GIDI alternative dispute resolution. The training focuses on facilitative approaches to alternative dispute resolution with a particular emphasis on accommodating disputes that may have arisen through differing legal and cultural systems. A principal objective is to avoid or reduce conflict. Ranging from the active intervention of a conciliator to the neutral facilitation of a mediator GIDI training seeks to put individuals and businesses in a position to understand, and possibly avoid, international commercial disputes or to resolve them swiftly and without formal legal processes.

GIDI provides all necessary materials and research to enable the student to appreciate and learn the essentials for the conduct of alternative dispute resolution, and through online seminars and tutorials GIDI also provides the opportunities to train and develop an individual style, skills and experience to take into the world of international commercial dispute resolution and commercial life generally.

GIDI provides bespoke packages for corporations that wish across-the-board ADR training for their employees, please email GIDI for enquiries.

For those who wish to qualify in any of the areas in which GIDI operates GIDI provides examination and certification at the levels of membership and fellowship of GIDI to an internationally recognised standard of skill and experience, see the next section on ‘certification’. For the fees, please see the section on certification below.

GIDI Certification and Membership Fees

GIDI Membership


Preferred membership plan for professionals and other individual experts.

GIDI Membership


Corporate membership allows complimentary access for up to 15 employees.

GIDI Diploma in International Mediation Practice


This prestigious internationally recognised qualification to practice in international mediation is provided over a 12-month, part time, online course with all online materials and teaching inclusive of all costs for a single fee of $1,250.

GIDI Fellowship in International Mediation Practice


Signifying that the holder has reached the highest standards of international mediation practice this course is conducted online, part time, over a 12-month period including all online materials and teaching for a single fee of $1,750.

GIDI Diploma in International Arbitration Practice


Covering the principles and practice, including comparative legal systems, this part time online 12-month course provides the basic tools and knowledge to commence a career as an arbitrator in international commercial arbitrations. All online materials and teaching are included in the single fee of $1,750.

GIDI Fellowship in International Arbitration Practice


Signifying that the holder has reached the high standards of international commercial arbitration practice this course is conducted online, part time, over a 12-month period including all online materials and teaching for a single fee of $2,250.




It is the mission of GIDI to respond to all inquiries within 48 hours.